We have created an additional award to enable us to make a financial contribution to those whose work and approach we feel captures the same spirit in which Stephanie created her ceramic pieces. This award will be offered on an ad hoc basis, and financial contributions will be limited to a maximum of £500.

Our first winner of the Breaker Award is Jane King, whose ceramic sculptures combine opposites of form, texture and colour as metaphors for perfection and control versus imperfection and chaos. Her recent ‘Fold series’ works incorporate dramatic folding and collapsing forms as physical metaphors for chaos, something which she is keen to push further to increase the scale and physical presence of the work:

“Throwing enables me to develop objects which have this exciting quality in the round, and in the context of the Covid 19 crisis, these works are an expression of the fear and anxiety experienced by many. The sculptures appear to writhe uncomfortably in their skin; their ‘controlled’ sections of acrylic colour are reduced to small patches within a larger mass of surging forms.”

The Breaker Award funded a 3-day throwing course for Jane at the Leach Pottery in St Ives, to enable her to improve her throwing skills and ultimately throw bigger, taller and more compelling forms.

Me, throwing a bowl.jpg